It’s Here: Thoughts on Anime 2018 Book Launch!

100 Word Anime

There’s a definite sense of excitement when I see so many of my posts from last year coming together into a single form.

For the second year in a row I’ve compiled an ebook with the content from my blog though this time I’m selling direct via PayPal. You have your choice of PDF, EPUB or MOBI formats and you will receive your copy via email after payment. Patrons, if you haven’t already got your copy, go to this post on Patreon and it should allow you to download the version you want – if it doesn’t work let me know ASAP and I will email you a copy.

Buying the ebook helps support the work I do on 100 Word Anime and hopefully I’ll be able to continue to grow the blog and produce content people would like to read. Though I would like to take this moment to…

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To All the Books I’ve Loved Before… The September Exchange

Hey everyone!
So I’ve mentioned it before but I’m actually one of the admins for The Invisible Library Facebook Group. We’re currently taking sign-ups for our September Book Exchange and I thought I’d share the information for anyone who wanted to join the group and get in on the action!
These monthly exchanges work a bit like Secret Santa, they are run through Elfster & Amazon Wishlists and everyone gets someone different. I’ve been taking part in them for most of the year and they are really exciting but aside from all that the group is full of great, book-loving folk and we want to welcome as many like-minded people as possible into our growing circle.
Hope to see you there!

The Invisible Library

This sign up is ONLY for Tier 1 and Tier 2.


-September sign-ups will be open until September 5th. Please be sure to sign-up before then!

-You MUST RSVP on this event page by September 5th in order to receive the Elfster link! Please be sure to post the Tier you want on the event page. Please check your messages for the Elfster link after posting!

-All gifts must be sent by September 25th at the absolute latest and you have to send either Jordanne or Marly a confirmation of your sent gift. This is REQUIRED.


📚 Tier 1: minimum $5.00 through Amazon
📚 Tier 2: minimum $15.00 through Amazon

As usual, thank you all! Keep bringing in your friends and…

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Everything You Should Know About ARCs

This is a really helpful post by Marta @ The Cursed Books – go check it out!

The Cursed Books


Hello, everyone! You know how I’ve written not so long ago a post about reading slumps, well I figured out that I could also write ARCs 101 and I’m going to try to make a detailed post about everything you should know when it comes to Advance Review Copies from what they are, how you can get them, the pros and cons of them and so much more. Stick with me, hope it’s going to be a fun ride!

+UWC (3)

What is an ARC?

ARC is the abbreviation for Advance Review Copy, they are an uncorrected edition of an upcoming release that publishers usually send to bloggers, booktubers, librarians, booksellers and more. Its main purpose is for marketing, people that get ARCs for free will promote the book and spread the word about the new release therefore making more people buy it and read it.

There are also two types…

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Separating Immigrant Children from Parents

I know I’ve been quiet as of late (so very, very busy) but this article is interesting and has catalysed a good discussion in the comments.
I have been avoiding the news lately as I am one to do when things become difficult in my life and I have to shut out some negative influences so I heard about this issue quite late – essentially once Trump had decided to discontinue these actions. I try not to comment on politics as it’s usually controversial but having experienced inordinate levels of stress and trauma growing up and knowing the effect and changes it has had on me then and as an adult in everything from my views on the world to my methods of processing emotions, I cannot even begin to imagine the suffering these children are experiencing and will experience in circumstances that are five, ten, twenty times worse than my own were.
It is more than reassuring that the majority of what I am reading about this particular issue is centred around recognising the long-term effects of childhood trauma (such as this article) as opposed to a way to push political agenda (though, there is some of that out there but you won’t find it on my blog).
Thank you, Diana.

Myths of the Mirror

This child was not removed from her mother at the border, but her cries demonstrate the stress these children are under even without being separated from their parents. Time Magazine cover.

This isn’t a political blog. and yet there are times when it’s vital to speak out and use whatever platforms we have available. This is such a time.

The US is in the midst of a moral crisis as the Trump Administration continues a border policy that results in the systematic abuse of immigrant children. Many Americans, of both parties and of all faiths and walks of life, are horrified, and we are doing what we can to support these children and their families by sharing our outrage, time, talent, and treasure.

There are some people who insist that these children are just fine. And physically, that may be true. But that comment conveys a lack of understanding about…

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Secret Book Exchange #3 – May 18

As mentioned in my last post, Secret Book Exchange is a Facebook group I’m an admin of that organises book exchanges every month – however, things have changed recently. With a new name and hopes of becoming something more of a book club, I present to you: We chose this name (which we know we share with […]