Irina’s First Five Mangas

Well hello there.

I know some of you may be a little bit confused because you were expecting Jordanne but instead you got me!…I’m sorry. Think of it as a lesson in appreciating what you have!

I guess I should let you know who me, is. I’m Irina and I have a blog. The name of my blog should tell you all you need to know about me. A little while ago Jordanne sent me an email with a project proposition. – Quick aside here, Jordanne is one of the great email authors of our day! If you can somehow convince her to send you one, do so. You will not regret it! –  Jordanne basically figured we could contribute posts to each other’s blogs to give our respective readers a bit of diversity.

So if you were really looking forward to one of Jordanne’s posts – good news, you can read her 10 reasons to watch Voltron over HERE. As for me – Jordanne suggested something along the lines of Top 5 manga to suggest to new manga readers. I’ve often thought of creating a sot of beginners reading list but I have a very tough time putting them together. After all, it depends so much on the person’s individual tastes. So instead, I figured you might like to hear about the first 5 manga I read. They certainly inspired me to keep on reading manga so it may work for you.

You should know that I read all of these in French so I can’t vouch for their English translations but I assume they’re EVEN BETTER!Read More »