Introducing … I Recommend!

Hello all!

To celebrate coincide with Back-to-School I’ve added a brand new feature to my blog, can you see it?

Try looking at my menu …

Bingo! I’ve added a new feature called ‘I Recommend …’!

All that section does is lead you to a Pinterest Board I created; this board is split into sections, each dedicated to a different genres/themes and filled with books I recommend to people wanting to read more in that area.

It is by no means extensive just yet, but I want it to be because recommending people their next great read is one of my many joys in life and I thought this would be a fun way to do it.

These recommendations are, of course, just my opinion and I won’t add a book to it unless I really, really enjoyed it so if it’s there, it has my stamp of approval – for all it’s worth. Equally, I do not read all the genres out there, so there will probably be holes and gaps but hopefully, there will be something there for everyone!

Please have a nose around there, let me know what you think and if there are any books that you think I might love that aren’t on there, please do let me know.

Until next time!

Scheduled Media Blackout – Lumos

So I’m back online!

I have to say I’m feeling pretty great. This week I …

  1. Read 3 ARCs and 1 book from Kindle Unlimited
  2. Wrote some reviews in pen and paper
  3. Looked after 3 dogs semi-successfully (there was an escape attempt but all are safe, well and where they should be)
  4. Actually slept quite a lot
  5. Kind of totaly broke my TV rule but only to binge watch Voltron: Legendary Defender and I’m not even sorry because it was AMAZING. I need to re-watch it immediately

More than that, I felt really good and excited about getting back behind my keyboard hich was … refreshing. Can’t wait to get to writing and I hope you like what I’ve got for you!

Until next time!

Scheduled Media Blackout

Hello everyone!

This is just a quick message to let you know that I’m going into hiding for a bit, a full media blackout, starting tomorrow for the whole week.

Well, it means I’ll be MIA on here, via email and all my social media platforms for a week. No TV, no smart phone, no Kindle (well, maybe my Kindle, because man I need to read some of my ARCs).

Well, I’ve been having a really stressful time of it at the moment, blogging has elleviated it for sure but between work being insanely busy, family life having it’s inevitable ups and downs (although admittedly they’ve been far more frequent and in quicker sucession than usual), running the house, bills and the deadlines for my two year diploma coming to a conclusion – it’s been … a lot.

All these things come with the added effects of too much screen time: making calls, writing texts, emails, essays, reports, surfing the web and scrolling social media. Eliminating screen time is at least something I can control, and it also comes with the added bonus of no work emails.

I’ve booked the week off work and I’m set to dog-sit at my boyfriend’s parents house (they have a bull dog, jack russell and a cockapoo) so my plan is to take a stack of paperbacks, radio on in the background for news and with my brick of a phone present only for emergencys and my daily calls to my Nan, else she’d worry. If I want to write I’ll use pens and paper, old school and scan them in after. I’m weirdly excited, if it weren’t for this blog I think I could easily forgo social media forever anyway.

Well, you don’t need to but I wanted to let you know anyway. I guess this can serve as a warning against excessive screen time since I’ve been having side effects I can’t entirely put down to stress. I’m talking constant headaches, this annoying twitch in my left eye, lack of sleep and hand cramps (from typing though, not the screen). I’m hoping this week helps, I may even make it a more common exercise if it works out well. Maybe a day a month or a day a week? Who knows?

I’ll have my scheduled posts still going up but I won’t be responding to emails, comments or posting any of my own,  though I will catch up with it all when I return from my stay-cation.

Until next time!