About Me

Hello! My name is Jordanne and this is my blog.

If you are reading this, and I’m not just shouting my thoughts into the great abyss we call the internet, then … wow. You, my good friend, must have some time on your hands. I’m grateful nonetheless and I’ll tell you a little of how this came about.

If you don’t really care (which is fair enough) and you just want to see if we have anything in common so you can trust my opinion just see my Get to know me through pins board below. If this seems lazy and a cop-out from actually describing myself, truly, I apologize but I like a lot of stuff, and just listing it felt super boring.

How Did We Get Here?

I have been reviewing ARCs and books (properly) since June 2017 and I started to do it because, to put it plainly, I wanted to write the kinds of reviews I’d like to read.

I was sadly unaware of the world of awesome book bloggers I have been introduced to lately and was finding myself frustrated with the slew of unhelpful reviews I was confronted with every time I was indecisive on whether I ought to read a book. Some were rambling essays dissecting every detail of a book to the point I no longer needed to read it. Others were two lines long stating an opinion with no reasoning. A few felt downright cruel, decimating a book (someone’s creation) giving no counterbalance or thought to a fair argument. None helped me, so now I try to write those kinds of reviews – concise, reasoned and fair.

I started my Blog not only to share those reviews and promote the books I enjoy but as a place to generally store my thoughts and feelings. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I talk a lot. Too much for my own good. It gets me into trouble; I offend people accidentally (I literally never mean to) and I don’t have a filter. Even worse than that is that I only actually say 30% of what I think. My head never shuts up. Really, people don’t know what it’s like to live in here. I need several rough drafts and a keyboard to make my thoughts suitable for public consumption but I try my best and it’s nice (and alleviating) to get it out in a safe forum such as this one.

For that reader, I thank you – I only hope I can repay the favour by introducing you to a book you love.

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