Even More Bingeworthy TV Shows

In September last year, I posted a list of 10 Bingeworthy TV Shows – but since then, I’ve watched yet more television/Netflix series that more than fit this bill so I return with another list – though it’s not quite ten.

5. The IT Crowd [25 episodes]

Nerdy, comical and slightly cringeworthy at times, my love of the IT Crowd was borne out of a family dispute when I was a young teenager, rendering me bored and in need of a distraction at my Dad’s new house which was yet to be fitted with aerial/cable television. This left me with a 15″ TV screen and an ancient form of amusement called a DVD box set and ended with my first ever binge-watching session – and pre-Netflix at that!

My boyfriend and I recently rewatched the IT Crowd when it was added to Netflix and the trio’s hijinx (which could be avoided so easily it’s ridiculous at times) still amuse us both.

4. Miranda [22 episodes]

You may be noticing a trend between me and British comedy. Miranda was another DVD box set gem, this time discovered at a pre-teen sleep-over. My then-and-still best friend’s Dad had to come and ask us to stop laughing so loudly as it was keeping them awake. I began rewatching these too recently, as they too are on Netflix, and find myself relating to dear pyjama-wearing, food-loving, snarky, awkward and generally just-doing-her-best Miranda more and more in my attempt at adult life.

3. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo [8 episodes]

This series seems to have taken off in all sorts of crazy ways and I was very proud to be one of those annoying people who, when asked “Have you heard of that Marie Kondo?”, knowingly (and smugly) replies “Well, actually, I owned her book before the Netflix show, so yes I have.”. I know, I hate me too.

This show needs to be binge-watched purely as a distraction from pulling out every single one of your worldly possessions onto the floor and collapsing in a heap when confronted with our society-instilled, needless consumerism. I was 20 minutes into episode one before my hands (and somehow my brain?) started itching to Kon-Mari the hell out of my house.

2. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina [20 episodes]

I didn’t expect to enjoy this series as much as I did, Particularly since I seem to be part of the very small portion of humans that think of Melissa Joan Hart as ‘Mel from Melissa and Joey‘ and not Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I know it came first but I never watched the show – so what can you do?

Obviously much darker, Chilling Adventures is a lot more like its sister show Riverdale but more occult, gritty and dark. Once you hit the show’s stride its damn near impossible not to binge and my boyfriend and I pulled some very late nights for this one. Also, Sabrina’s wardrobe is to die for. I want every item she owns and just the general quality of the show in general and aesthetically is really great.

1. A Series of Unfortunate Events [25 episodes]

It is very begrudgingly I add this because I kicked up such a fuss about watching this with my boyfriend. You know when you make a big deal about doing something, and then you’re made to do it and it’s not only not as bad as you thought but actually kind of love it? But, you made such a fuss you can’t say it and lose face so you have to act all nonchalant? Yeah, that’s me with this show.

Where to begin? Actual decent child actors; tongue in cheek often word-based humour (!); engaging story-telling; killer guest-stars; Niel Patrick Harris being the boss he is; Patrick Warburton narration I’d die to have an audiobook of; and a book to screen adaption that actually stay really quite true to the original text!? I just can’t sell it any more than that.

Also, closure since the 3rd and final season has come to a close.

So that’s all, have you seen any of these? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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