‘In a World That Already Hates and Fears Them – What If Only Black People Had Superpowers.’

BLACK, Vol. 1BLACK, Vol. 1 by Kwanza Osajyefo

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🌟 🌟 . 5

I was really intrigued by the overall concept of this book, and was really excited to see it executed but was overall quite disappointed. I loved the artwork, the issue covers in particular with the added red to the series’ monochrome colour scheme as they are really powerful pieces individually; my favourite was #4 – a.k.a. Donald Kong / Donkey Trump.

The plot held a lot of promise but jumped around a lot, and I was really confused as to which teams were on what side and what they wanted (maybe that was intentional?). There were times that needed a lot more dialogue and explanation and other parts that needed much less, and I didn’t feel like any of the characters were really well fleshed out; all we really knew about them were their powers (which were undefined) and other superficial details. Kareem, our protagonist, was the character I felt suffered for this most as his origin / back story was the one I was most curious about. Det. Waters had the most three-dimensional character, but even she didn’t show many layers.

As a book centred on race, racism perception, the content, subject matter, and language in the book could make some uncomfortable (I’d argue they are the people that should probably read it most) and I’d tentatively say it’s too violent/adult for younger readers.

I would like to see where the book is going, in the hope that the character development and exploration I’m looking for actually happens because it really does have great potential, but if it’s not in the next volume, that’s probably where I stop reading.

I read this book for February’s Geek History Lesson Book Club.

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