The Gender-Swapped, Multi-Cultural, Soap-Opera-esque Pride and Prejudice Retelling You Never Knew You Needed

Pride, Prejudice, and Other FlavorsPride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors by Sonali Dev

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I loved this book. I adore Pride and Prejudice and, as a result, am very particular about what a โ€˜retellingโ€™ needs to include to qualify as one. This book includes the key themes & scenes I personally look for in a P&P retelling but it transcends all that to become its own novel entirely too. I love the rich backgrounds โ€“ both characteristically and culturally โ€“ of all the characters.

I love the way Dev flipped the roles of our Elizabeth & Darcy archetypes in character whilst also maintaining the family dynamics tied to the originals โ€“ Trisha keeping her tight-knit, sprawling, acentric and sometimes overly involved family and DJ holding onto the solidarity and closeness of two orphan siblings (Fitzwilliam & Georgianna) left to fend for themselves and each other against the rest of the world.

Also, Julia Wickhamโ€™s whole character transition – genius! (And super evil, way more evil than George Wickham โ€“ I love it!)

This book does allude to sexual assault, (view spoiler), though itโ€™s never explicitly described or shown, itโ€™s just worth knowing for those particularly sensitive to this. I will say itโ€™s handled quite well, (view spoiler) and whilst it still impacts the characters in some ways, they present great, well-adjusted survivor stories.

This book really hit me in the feels in all the right moments and I was really invested the whole way through and canโ€™t wait to read any sequels(!) that I just found out about. (That in itself is impressive since Iโ€™m historically against P&P sequels)

I received a copy of this book from William Morrow Paperbacks via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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