Check out Why (I think) Potterless Podcast (@PotterlessPod) is the Next Best Way to Re-experience Harry Potter

Why Potterless is the Next Best Way to Re-experience Harry Potter


Hi all,

I know I have been quite quiet as of late, part of that is I am just rushed off my feet lately but another part is that I have been binge-listening to a whole world of new podcasts I’ve stumbled upon, one of which is Potterless.

Potterless, the name being a play on Pottermore (heh, get it?), was recommended to me by my boyfriend’s sister and is about Mike Schubert, a 20-something (it changes as the podcast goes on, obviously, ‘cause time) year old man who has embarked on the journey of reading the Harry Potter books for the very first time. Each episode discusses, dissects and good-naturedly makes fun of a couple of chapters of each book (or just one if it is particularly action-packed).

I have absolutely loved and laughed out loud (on my daily commute!) every single episode of this podcast, even though I didn’t originally think I would.

Mike begins the podcast with the general attitude and superiority of an adult certain he will not be beguiled by a children’s novel and plans from the outset of his journey to make fun and snarky remarks about them, pointing out every plot hole along the way. And … well, he does do that but I think I would not be alone in thinking he has become a complete Potterhead in the process too.

Due to the play-by-play format of the podcast, it really does feel like you’re experiencing the books again and it’s even better because it’s through the lens of someone who has never read them! I listen with great envy as Mike uncovers clues and mysteries (and not so mysteries) throughout the series and throws out wild hypotheses about what will happen next, with the general success rate of Ron Weasley (which is to say, he’s not always wrong).

However, my favourite part would have to be listening to Americans muddle out British terms and phrases with hilarious results. The podcast gets a helper eventually but those early days, as a Brit myself, were equal parts amusing and frustrating at times.

As I said, I binge-listened all these averagely 60 minute long episodes, and now I am listening in real time as Mike tackles the seventh and final book, The Deathly Hallows.

It has humour, it has character development, it has new vocabulary, it has recurring references and running jokes, in other words, it’s got everything you could want in a podcast, so what are you still doing here? Go listen to it via your favourite podcast provider!

(If you don’t have one, I recommend Spotify or Stitcher)

Also, if you do listen to Potterless following this post, or you do already, let me know in the comments!

So, as they say on Potterless podcast, and nowhere else …

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Check out Why (I think) Potterless Podcast (@PotterlessPod) is the Next Best Way to Re-experience Harry Potter


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