Simple guide to generating traffic through Pinterest with links to useful guides and posts.

Bloodthirsty Little Beasts Guide to Pinterest Traffic

There’s a good chance a lot of people reading this will already know the ins and outs of Pinterest Traffic, however, I know there will be a few out there who, like me, have yet to stumble on this relatively easy and effective method of attracting new readers.

I have to give the credit for the bulk of my knowledge to Sammy, the author of Well & Wealthy who introduced me to this technique through her mailing list you should definitely all subscribe to!

This post is by no means extensive but I have also collated useful links and posts throughout that will point you in the direction of bloggers far more knowledgeable and experienced than I, if this is something you would like to know more about.

Step 1: Create a Pinterest Account (if you don’t have one already) and get it blogger-ready.

This is a really important step that will make your life a whole lot easier in the long run. There are a lot of ways to make your Pinterest account more compatible with your blog (and about a million articles articulating them) but I feel your top five are:

1. Clear and search-friendly username (see this awesome hack for getting past the 30 character limit! It’s so easy I was kind of embarrassed I didn’t figure it out)

Simple guide to generating traffic through Pinterest with links to useful guides and posts.

2. A concise and descriptive bio (preferably similar or matching your bios on other platforms (Twitter, Instagram, etc) I’m a sucker for continuity)

3. Boards with your blog’s content (and only your blogs content) organised to the top of your profile (more on that in these two posts by the Pingel Sisters both of which are amazingly helpful)

4. Joining an array of content specific group boards (more on this in the next step!).

5. Assigning covers to each of your blogs boards to differentiate them.

Simple guide to generating traffic through Pinterest with links to useful guides and posts.


6. If you haven’t already, convert your Pinterest account to a business account because it unlocks all kinds of incredibly useful statistics about reach and engagement – to see how, click here.

Step 2: Join Group Boards on Pinterest that are relevant to your blog’s brand

Sammy recommends boards that fulfil these conditions:

  • They have over 20,000 followers
  • Top bloggers in your niche actively pin to the boards

However, I knew I personally, as a book blogger, struggled to find boards that had reached these levels. I have listed all the boards I currently Pin to, and how you can join them yourself, below.

I recommend formulating a template email to send when requesting to be added to the boards just as typing and retyping is tedious and these brilliant bloggers running the boards will probably appreciate an assertive and concise (yet still polite) email that gets straight to the point.

You should also note that every board has its own rules and it is important to read and stick to them in order to maintain the quality and integrity of the board.


! Book Reviews – Message Bea Wellman via Pinterest or email me to join.

! Bookaholics Anonymous – Message Bea Wellman via Pinterest or email me to join.

! ♥ Indie Authors and Self Published – Message Bea Wellman via Pinterest or email me to join.

// Book Love Group Board – To join this board, send an email to with your PINTEREST EMAIL IN THE SUBJECT. Be sure to specify which board you want to join.

Best Book Bloggers Uncorked – Message Christine (The Uncorked Librarian) – the board is currently closed to new contributors ‘but it never hurts to ask’.

Book Blog Inspiration – To join email or myself.

Book Bloggers – To join email Tina (TBR, etc.) at or via Pinterest.

Book Bloggers Support Group – To be added, FOLLOW THE BOARD and email Megan at with your Pinterest email address if you want to be added to the board.

Book Reviews – To join email

Book Reviews – To join follow the board and send an email to

Books – To join send your Pinterest email to or email me.

BOOKS & MOVIES GROUP BOARD – follow thefrugalbear on Pinterest then message her on Pinterest.

Bookworm Group Board – To join follow Bookish Fawn and email your request at

The Readers Lounge – To join follow booksandwine on Pinterest and email her at with The Readers Lounge in the subject line or tweet  @booksandwine with The Reader’s Lounge and your Pinterest name or email address

Step 3: Pin to the boards!

Pin your own pins to your Brand boards and to your Group boards to get them out there in the world. I couldn’t believe how much my engagement and views went up following this simple addition to my blogging process. However, this is a gradual increase, so don’t expect a spike straight away!

Here are a few tips I found really useful as well as tools for those of you that have never needed/wanted to create a Pinterest graphic before.

1. Canva – free and simple to use, Canva has a Pinterest vertical pin template I use for all of my Pinterest graphics having produced my own templates to allow me to easily make new ones in a short period of time. Most bloggers recommend 3 to 5 Pinterest graphics per post, I get by just fine on 2 or 3 maximum.

From the annoying to the outright despicable check out my Top Ten Best Book Villains for Top Ten Tuesday!  I’ve been sitting on this one for such a long time but here it is, 'The Breakfast Club meets Guardians of the Galaxy in this YA sci-fi adventure' – check out my review of The Disasters by M. K. England  A new kind of list for your How To Write A Book Review needs - the top four things that I want to focus my book reviews on to better answer the question 'Why should you read this book?'.

2. Now you’ve made a gorgeous Pin, hide it! – this may sound odd but Pins can be bulky and throw off the whole aesthetic of your post so once I’ve inserted them in the ‘visual’ tab of a post editor I switch over to HTML and sandwich the graphics code with this:

code 2

This sounds complicated but Millennial Boss wrote this super easy step by step guide and it’s the easiest thing once you know. 3. Some Pinterest sharing buttons don’t pick up hidden graphics so, to be safe, I always insert my own button by adding this to the very end of my HTML ‘Text’:


Pins I find are also much more lasting than any other social media promotion as when I read my interest feed I am still receiving Pins that were created years ago and Pins I put up months ago still bring in a steady stream of readers now.

So that’s it! Sorry if I’m teaching you how to proverbially suck eggs here or if my explanation isn’t as simple as I thought it was. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding the things I talk about here drop me a comment or email and I would love to try and be more helpful!

Also, and this could a very silly notion of mine but bear with me, I have a standard word template I set up that all my blog posts and reviews start from complete with checklist, coding, graphics planner, etc and it’s a method that has really helped me be consistent and organised with all the above and more. Would this be something a fellow blogger would be interested in looking at or being sent so they could perhaps use it or adapt it to their own needs?

Let me know any of your thoughts on the above in the comments and …

Until next time!

Simple guide to generating traffic through Pinterest with links to useful guides and posts.


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