50 Things That Make Me Happy Blog Tag - thank you Lili from Lili's Blissful Pages for that tag!

50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

Hi everyone,

So, you may have noticed I’ve been taking a completely unscheduled hiatus from the blog, which was the opposite of what I wanted to do but university and work have been incredibly demanding and there are times you just need to sort out your priorities, as Ron would say.

This was a nice one to get back into things with (even if it’ll seem like another post went up before this one). Thank you to Lili @ Lili’s Blissful Pages for tagging me, this was a really fun one to write.

50 Things That Make Me Happy 

  1. Book shopping

    blur book stack books bookshelves
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  2. Books I just can’t put down
  3. Alex making me a cup of tea to cheer me up when I’m down
  4. Alex and I just not doing anything, just … co-existing
  5. When the house all nice and tidy
  6. Making lists
  7. Crossing something off my to-do list
  8. Noel Fielding on the Great British Bake Off
  9. Playing board games and eating Chinese with my Aunt and cousins
  10. When my computer does something unusually helpful like remind me to include an attachment on an email
  11. Unprovoked praise from co-workers telling me I’m doing a good job
  12. The fact I’ve actually managed to stick with Bullet Journalling longer than I thought I would

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  13. Surprise breakfast made / bought for me (just breakfast in general)
  14. The promise of a fresh start or a new project
  15. The joy that is Super Sons
  16. The birth of a new running joke on Geek History Lesson
  17. When someone enjoys my baking – even if I don’t think it came out right
  18. Costa Orange Hot Chocolate at Christmas time
  19. Reading while there’s a thunderstorm outside
  20. Writing
  21. Random acts of kindness from strangers to other strangers (and myself of course)
  22. When diversity and equality just happens, you know, naturally and it’s not a big deal because that’s how it should be
  23. Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup
  24. Afternoon tea
  25. Getting to know people better
  26. Getting a seat on the train

    train with smoke
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  27. When someone laughs at my jokes – even if it’s just one person, and especially if it’s Alex
  28. James Acaster because he’s bloody brilliant
  29. Cabin Pressure references
  30. Hearing my Nan is okay
  31. Catch ups
  32. Music
  33. A White Chocolate Mocha at just the right time
  34. Scott Free & Big Barda because they are couple goals
  35. Musicals
  36. Memes about the Queen
  37. Little Gracie and her funny facial expressions
  38. The rare occasions my baby brother, Brayden, actually says my name
  39. For the Dancing and the Dreaming
  40. Buying presents for people that I know they will love
  41. That after-gig feeling

    people at concert
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  42. Baking
  43. Getting into the ‘flow’ at work – because I actually really love my job
  44. When my dad is happy
  45. The Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack
  46. A really nice mug or teacup
  47. Rick Riordan & Natasha Pulley on Twitter (separately but there’s only so much happiness you can dedicate to Twitter so they share a spot)
  48. Learning something new
  49. … like that a group of pugs is called a Grumble
  50. Interaction with the lovely book blogger community!

I tag

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  • Jennifer @ JenChaos Reviews 
  • Amy @ Little Booknerds in the Corner

Until next time!

50 Things That Make Me Happy Blog Tag - thank you Lili from Lili's Blissful Pages for that tag!


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