State of the ARC #6

The State of the ARC meme was created by Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks.

Okay, last changes to my layout for a while – I just decided I liked this one better. This is coming to you a lot little late this month as I have been awfully busy and I also wanted to get the reviews scheduled before I posted. So, how did I do?

Current Stats…

September 2018 State of the ARC Chart

September 2018 State of the ARC Progress

My stats are pretty decent think month I think. I carved out some of my ARCs and got them submitted, though I did read two more books this month and just haven’t written my reviews yet (oops). I have taken hits on my feedback ratios because I got some request accepted and took on a couple of review copies for some special projects. My Days +/- release went down (yay!) but 1,300 pages is a bit weak based on the number of books I read. Though, it sounds about right since The Count of Monte Cristo is about that long, and that took a month to read too.

Bloodthirsty Beasts I’ve Tamed…

This month the beasts were called:

State of the ARC Bingo

So close! One left and I’ve got a house! I have several non-fictions on my list so I’ll have to get to them ASAP.

State of the ARC Bingo Progress (6)

In Next Month’s Crosshairs…

Any words of encouragement would be muchly appreciated! Any of these on your TBR too? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “State of the ARC #6

  1. I keep changing my layout too. I can’t decide what I like! I recently decided to add two graphs but I looooove the chart idea. Would you mind if I tried that (*awkward smile*). I’d tweak it because I’m not good at percentages lol.

    I also like that you said this month was “decent” but you read sooo many pages (it’s a shame that the page count was low compared to the amount of books you read though). Awesome post! 🙂

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