(Sci-Fi Harry Potter, guys!) Check out my most recent post about Science! – An Exclusive, All-New Sci-Fi Comic Book How It Can Be Yours - I've been excited for this project for so long, I'm so happy it's finally here!

Science! – An Exclusive, All-New Sci-Fi Comic Book How It Can Be Yours


So today I want to tell you about the brand new, exclusive comic book called Science! by Jason Inman & Ashley Victoria Robinson and how you can get it because let’s be honest, just knowing it’s exclusive makes you want it already, right? Right.


Some of you may already know but Jason & Ashley are among my very favourite internet people and, since the release of Jupiter Jet, writers. They host my favourite podcast show Geek History Lesson and though I do not know either of them personally I have been supporting them over on Patreon for just under a year now.

Despite this obvious slight bias on my part, if you know me or have been reading this site for any period of time you should know that if I didn’t 100% believe everything I’m saying here, you wouldn’t be reading it right now. I think they’re awesome but if I thought something they did was pants, I’d say so and I’d explain why. Basically, I can transcend my bias.

So I’m going to tell you about the book but you need to read this whole post because if you don’t, you’ll realise it’s going to be an awesome book but you’ll get complacent and miss your opportunity to own it and I don’t want that. So, first off …

What is it?

Science! is a brand new, sci-fi adventure comic book from Jason Inman & Ashley Victoria Robinson, the husband and wife duo (I know, goals) behind Jupiter Jet.

If that name sounds familiar to you and it’s not because you’ve read the book yourself you are a fool who probably read my review of Jupiter Jet earlier this year (but totally forgot to buy it, even though you most definitely intended to). If you don’t have time to go read that now, here’s a summary: it was great, I loved it and you should go buy the trade paperback immediately.

What is it about?

“Science! is the story of Tamsin Kuhn Trakroo, a fourteen-year-old girl who is already the smartest Theoretical and Applied Physicist in any room. Yeah, she’s that super smart! Tamsin has just started studying at The Prometheus Institute which is only the world’s most famous and prestigious science school. The Institute is a futuristic wonderland filled with genius teachers (some who might not be of this world), and floating helper robots known as S.T.A.T.s.”

Science Comic Book Panel

It’s basically ‘sci-fi Harry Potter’ and, personally I don’t need to know anything else but on top of that awesome tagline, Science! is complete with: great artwork, a female LGBTQ Indian-American scientist lead, cute robots(!) and the opportunity to support multiple independent creators all rolled into one 80-page sci-fi adventure.

For me personally, the awesomeness of Jupiter Jet foreshadows the brilliance of Science!, so if you haven’t read JJ yet and want a taste of what these writers can do, you can buy it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and possibly your local comic book store too.

What Makes It So Exclusive?

Science! Comic Book

You can only get it in one specific place, basically, and at one particular time (now). Science! can only be owned by backers in its campaign over on Kickstarter (more on this later), it’s never going get reproduced or re-released again anywhere else. So once the campaign runs its course, that’s it, you won’t have a chance to buy it again.

This could be your favourite book of all time, the book that you were destined to love for ever and ever, except if you don’t read it now, you’ll never know, right?

Not convinced yet? Well, maybe if the book alone couldn’t convince you, these might …

The Kickstarter Rewards

(Aspiring writers, pay attention there is great stuff here for you.)

In exchange for your invaluable support, Jason & Ashley have arranged some pretty awesome prizes that really make me wish I had a project in works right now and range from the book itself all the way to your very own cameo in the book (yep, you, in the book), to portfolio and script reviews from amazing writers like Mitch Gerads (Mister Miracle & Batman), Shea Fontana (Wonder Woman), Joshua Hale Fialkov (The Bunker, Life After, CBS’s The Code). They also had Cullen Bunn (X-Men Blue & The Sixth Gun) & Tom (Mister Miracle & Batman), but as you can imagine they were snapped right up.

Science Comic Book

How Can You Get This Book?

You can head on over to Science!’s Kickstarter page to pledge support and earn any of the above rewards.

Science! – An Exclusive, All-New Sci-Fi Comic Book How It Can Be Yours.PNG

If you’re interested in Jason & Ashley’s other work you can find them over on Geek History Lesson Podcast, Youtube or either of their Twitters (@jawiin and @AshleyVRobinson) or – if you’re sold already and want to support their various other creative and geeky endeavours – head on over to their Patreon and show your support there.

If comic books aren’t really your thing but you do want to support some great creators please do still head on over the page and pledge $1 or even 5 because it all goes a long way to help bring this project to fruition.

Thank you and … until next time!

[All images sourced from the Science! Kickstarter page apart from the banner which is sourced from the writers’ and artist’s Twitter pages.]
Science! – An Exclusive, All-New Sci-Fi Comic Book How It Can Be Yours.png


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