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ARC August 2018 #5 – Wrap Up

Hello everyone!

ARC August is over, (aaawwwww) yeah, I know but I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on how I did for my first time.


ARCs Read: 10

Pages Read: 2, 770 pages

Average Star Rating: 4 stars

Read-a-thons Taken Part in: 0 😦

ARCs Read

Hocking, A - Between the Blade and the Heart Myers, J - The Last Romeo 4-star book review of Ascension by Victor Dixen - the first in the martian, sci-fi series Phobos. Widely described as Love Island in space, this compelling, original first instalment with leave you wanting more. My book review of Vox by Christina Dalcher - a book is set in 21st century America, a country recently relinquished to the control of religious zealots who have silenced half the population. #feminismSee my review of How (Not) To Marry A Duke by Felicia Kingsley, a hate-to-love romance set in modern day British aristocracy. Read my review of You Only Live Once by Jess Vallance, the first in a series that is perfect for fans of Geek Girl. Gracie Dart is a relatable and funny character and her journey of self-discovery and growing up is one I think young women need fresh out of the stress of exams. ARC Review of Super Sons Vol.3: Parent Trap by Peter J. Tomasi by Jordanne @ Bloodthirsty Little Beasts Dini, P - Harley& Ivy Meet betty & VeronicaTamaki, M - Harley Quinn Breaking Glass Snyder, S - Batman & the Signal

Click on any of the covers to read my reviews (except those last ones, they’re going up soon), since you don’t need me to re-write what I’ve already written I’ll give you a short summary for each, in the order above:

Meh. Fun. Hooked. Blatant. Insulting. Recommendable. Adorable. Colourful. Refreshing. Intrigued.

Intrigued? Go check it out!


Bingo Card

I scored 2 lines! Whoop whoop!

2018-ARC-August-Bingo-Update (5).png


I’m pretty proud of me – this has probably been my personal best in terms of books read in a month and I definitely want to take part next year!

Did you participate in ARC August too? How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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    • Yeah I know a lot of people enjoyed it – it just hit of some problematic snags for me personally, I talk about them in my review, mainly I feel the lead character is portrayed poorly. You should – it was really fun!


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