State of the ARC #5

The State of the ARC meme was created by Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks.

I’ve made some adjustments to my spreadsheet, one so it blends in better with my theme but also to make it a bit more useful to in terms of statistics. I also notice my previous table seemed to cause a little confusion. Let me know what you think!

Current Stats…

August 2018 State of the ARC Chart

August 2018 State of the ARC Progress

My stats have expanded as you’ll see because I realised my NetGalley ratio is actually higher than my overall one (yay?) and my old chart showed my ‘active ARCs’ but it discounted all the review copies I’ve been given after the books publication. I’m not sure how everyone else prioritises but I always prioritise ARCs over that kind of book purely for the fact they have a deadline in mind where a book that’s already published doesn’t. Also, though it may seem a little petty, when I go to the effort to request a book weeks or even months before its publication and then whoever is in charge of it doesn’t respond until after the book has already come out, I personally don’t think they can expect a very prompt review. I appreciate every book given to me for review I really do, but I have to prioritise them in the order my request are granted or else it’s just not fair really.

I’ve done pretty well on books this month (thank you ARC August) and managed to get my Feedback Ratios up, even if my Average response days took a hit.

Bloodthirsty Beasts I’ve Tamed…

This month the beasts were called:

State of the ARC Bingo

I’m loving the Bingo card so far, very nearly there! My reading has fit into it quite naturally but I think that the fact social consciousness is considered here is good, as this is something I often read about in books but don’t read those books because of it and I’m not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing.

State of the ARC Bingo Progress (5).png

In Next Month’s Crosshairs…

Any words of encouragement would be muchly appreciated! Any of these on your TBR too? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!

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  1. Great job taming those beasts. I’ve had 3 books in my NetGalley backlog for months. It seems every time I sign in to review one I end up requesting another.

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