Reading Rivalry Mythology Reading Challenge Closing Post – August 2018

Another Reading Rivalry month is up – how did I do?

This Month’s Criteria & My Corresponding Books

[5 points each]

Non-Criteria Books Can Earn Points Based on Page Count …

Bonus Points

  • 1. Complete criteria =10 point bonus
  • 2. Instagram: Post photo challenge every day or complete all 4 reviews within the designated timeframes (1 point per day & 10 point bonus) – I completed reviews.

  • 3. Colour the Instagram calendar: 5 point bonus


  • 4. Make a poem with book titles: 5 points
  • 5. Colour a mythological being: 5 points


  • 6. Creation Corner: 10 point bonus
  • 7. Binge a Series: 20 point bonus. (30 points if it’s a Rick Riordan series)

My Total Points

70 points

My personal best!

Team Positioning?


Ah well, better luck next time eh?

I really want to complete the criteria one month this year! I’ll just have to try harder next month.

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “Reading Rivalry Mythology Reading Challenge Closing Post – August 2018

  1. Oh wow, I couldn’t get involved in something so , well, involved. Maybe in a few months. But not now. My tbr is way too big and way not mythical.

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