Everything You Should Know About ARCs

This is a really helpful post by Marta @ The Cursed Books – go check it out!

The Cursed Books


Hello, everyone! You know how I’ve written not so long ago a post about reading slumps, well I figured out that I could also write ARCs 101 and I’m going to try to make a detailed post about everything you should know when it comes to Advance Review Copies from what they are, how you can get them, the pros and cons of them and so much more. Stick with me, hope it’s going to be a fun ride!

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What is an ARC?

ARC is the abbreviation for Advance Review Copy, they are an uncorrected edition of an upcoming release that publishers usually send to bloggers, booktubers, librarians, booksellers and more. Its main purpose is for marketing, people that get ARCs for free will promote the book and spread the word about the new release therefore making more people buy it and read it.

There are also two types…

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