My Fictional Affiliations Meme

Hello everyone!

So I began this post with the intention of simply writing a post showing my various teams and allegiances and such so I might find some kindred spirits before I began wondering if this might be the making of my very own meme (!).

Now, there is a good chance a meme or tag like this exists already but I since I was not able to find it, and there are many, many memes and tags out there that are similar to each other I thought I’d give it a shot.



  1. Thank the person that tagged you.
  2. Include these rules.
  3. List your various affiliations in whatever method you want. This could be a traditional list, a photo mosaic/collage/a Pinterest board/a song/a poem/a 10-page essay – anything your heart desires!

{Affiliations could include: Your Hogwarts House; Game of Thrones House; Godly Parent; Attack on Titan Team; Fae Court (ACOTAR); Voltron Lion; Team Edward/Jacob; Shadowhunter Surname; Middle Earth Species; Team Iron Man/Captain America; Pokémon Go! Team; SHIELD/Hydra; Panem District; Divergent Faction; Brotherhood/X-Men; Renegade or Anarchist – Anything! I am by no means a definitive source as there are still so many fandoms I’m yet to discover, basically if you can buy a T-Shirt declaring it  or do a BuzzFeed quiz to find it out, it qualifies!}

  1. Tag 3 people (or more) (or everyone!)

My Affiliations

my affiliations.jpg


I’m gonna be a little cheeky and put some people on the spot right now since this is brand new. My main goal with this is to just unite people in their love of various fandoms – the more obscure the better! – and though it might be a bit of a simple concept I thought this would be a nice easy way to do it!

  1. Kelly @ Kelly’s Rambles
  2. Lili @ Lili’s Blissful Pages
  3. Rain @ Bookdragonism
  4. Aurora @ Aurora Librialis
  5. Vicky @ What Vicky Read
  6. Amy @ The Little Booknerds in the Corner
  7. Anyone else who wants in!

NOTE: Open call to anyone with a catchier/better name for it, unless you like this one just fine!

Are we on any of the same teams? Let me know in the comments!

24 thoughts on “My Fictional Affiliations Meme

  1. Definitely there in the Tea category–I have tins of various blends. Let’s see: Manga, Ireland (rather than Iceland, although a huge fan of Bjork!), Anime, J&K-pop, Spiritualism, Harpsichord music, Poetry of the English Decadent Movement (particularly Ernest Dowson), and, of course, Doctor Who (Tom Baker is best Doctor!!!). How’s that for a start?

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    • I found it hard to figure out my GoT house, just because I could see myself in Lannister, Stark or Targaryen but Tyrion (and Jamie when he gets his character development) are two of my favourite characters and I feel like I probably identify more with Tyrion’s way of thinking so 🙂 – it’s a shame though, since I love Dragons.


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