The Goblins of Bellwater by Molly Ringle – Book Review

The Goblins of Bellwater by Molly ringleI received this book from NetGalley and the publisher, Central Avenue Publishing, in exchange for an honest review. I’d like to apologise for my tardiness in giving them that review, sincerely.


This is a dark, paranormal romance with a fairy tale atmosphere and an actual non-pathetic heroine to boot.

The intertwining of the two worlds, both our real world and this dark magical one was well done and the ‘liaison’ role between the two forces was original and intriguing though I wished we’d got to see a little more of Kit as a character. The pacing was good and it was refreshing to have such a satisfying ending for a fantasy standalone.

The first scene with Grady and Skye actually really tugged at my heartstrings, something about the way he treated and communicated with her and her own, albeit limited, responses just gave me the feels in a big way. I mean, it got rapidly less cute and innocent as you’ll see but that scene stuck with me.

Oddly, what I took most from this book is a strange insight to mental illness and depression. Though Skye’s illness is really a magical spell/curse the frustration and depression she experiences, as a result, is most definitely less than magical and I thought it was eloquently expressed and I found it interesting to see through her eyes.

One of my peeves with all books of this genre is the tendency for the characters to substitute sex for dealing with their problems and there’s some of that here but it’s definitely not as problematic as other books I’ve read and certainly less vulgar.

Livy was a cool and I must say, unexpected female lead and as I said before, utterly non-pathetic which is great. She didn’t need anyone to come to save her, she just did what she had to and I respected her immensely for it. I did wish Kit had more of a role to play but he was still a good character.

This was a great read I demolished in one day but I’d have to emphasise it only stands this strongly alone – a sequel (unless it was mindblowing) would probably ruin it.

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  1. Good review! This book reminds me of Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones. Like, it’s uncanny. But I couldn’t stand that one. Something about goblins just doesn’t do it for me.

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    • Yeah from what I’ve heard Wintersong basically just lifted the plot of the Labyrinth (a film I liked as a child) and in a very problematic way (something about dubious sexual consent?) anywho I can say this is quite different from that, they are very much the ‘bad guys’ and it’s more centred around the mythology so if you ever feel like giving it a try!

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      • Yeah the sexual content was often questionable but I felt that the author wanted readers to encourage it. I do like mythology though, so maybe I’ll look into this one! I guess I shouldn’t completely write off goblins just yet!

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        • Yeah the folklore angle is interesting and yeah I’d heard that but from what I was told it sounded like had the roles been reversed (the goblin king acting the way the girl did, pressuring etc) there would have been an uproar but then having not read it I don’t know – either way I do recommend this if you like paranormal romance and such

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  2. I don’t often venture to the world of paranormal romances but I always appreciate when a books can provide insight into mental illness. I might have to grab this one.

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    • It’s really interesting actually, how it’s magic but you know the symptoms must have been drawn from real mental illness, I half expected for the magic to have all been part of it in the end.


    • I get that, YA fantasy in particular I find to go through these long phases of one kind of story being ‘in’ and then you end up with 50 trilogies and series with a similar concept and it gets really dull really fast. I think that was what I liked about this one, the paranormal thing isn’t as mainstream anymore and thae fairy tale-esque aspect made it a bit different.


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