Scheduled Media Blackout – Lumos

So I’m back online!

I have to say I’m feeling pretty great. This week I …

  1. Read 3 ARCs and 1 book from Kindle Unlimited
  2. Wrote some reviews in pen and paper
  3. Looked after 3 dogs semi-successfully (there was an escape attempt but all are safe, well and where they should be)
  4. Actually slept quite a lot
  5. Kind of totaly broke my TV rule but only to binge watch Voltron: Legendary Defender and I’m not even sorry because it was AMAZING. I need to re-watch it immediately

More than that, I felt really good and excited about getting back behind my keyboard hich was … refreshing. Can’t wait to get to writing and I hope you like what I’ve got for you!

Until next time!

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