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A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens – Classic Book Review

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It’s quite remarkable that a book can both enthral you and keep you hooked on the plot but at the same time be written in a style that has you nodding off a little on the train, but this one managed it.
This is the first Dickens novel I’ve read and I wasn’t expecting it to be easy but I did struggle. I adjusted to the language eventually but the description of the village of St Antoine, that all I really took from was that it was poor, starving and oppressed was a struggle. I mean why use three words when you can use three pages?

That being said, I really loved the story and just the book. I think this is further amplified by my reason for starting with this particular Dickens novel before the others, which is that it is referenced a lot in The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare (which I now need to re-read having read this).

Syndey has most definitely joined the list of my all-time favourite characters and Madame Defarge has joined the list of most hated (I thought she was a brilliant villain, especially since I didn’t even realise she was one until much later) and I definitely plan on reading this again.

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    • It’s not a leisurely read that’s for sure, I liked the story but I think I’m opt for film/graphic novel adaptions to make it easier to enjoy in future.


  1. I had yet to read Dickens and grabbed this audio book for $1.99 a while back. The audiobook was super hard for me to follow – I felt I needed to concentrate more on this one – so I tabled it and bought a kindle copy so I could actually read it. I will have to get back to it sooner rather than later!

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