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At the Moment #1

I saw this post first over at Aurora @ Aurora Librialis‘s blog and thought it was such a cool, neat post idea that I asked Aurora if she would kindly let me steal pay homage to with my own post. At first, I thought would be a good fill-in for weeks I didn’t have anything to write for WWW Wednesday but I think I’d like to do it maybe fortnightly as a way to bring focus to other interests of mine. Let me know what you think!

I’m Reading …

(Well Books Had to Make An Appearance Somewhere)

The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket & The Disasters by M. K. England

These are both books I’ve been wanting to read a lot and they, fortunately, both fulfill my Reading Rivalry July Reading Challenge Criteria: Book written by an author using a pen name and Heist novel.

I’m Watching …

Project Runway Season 9 (By Myself) & Luke Cage Season 2 (With the Boyfriend)

Yeah, so my Netflix viewing is split into shows I watch myself and shows I have to watch with my boyfriend (true love, after all, is not watching ahead).

I am not considered a ‘fashionable’ person by any stretch of the imagination, t-shirts, jeans, vans and oversized hoodies & flannels are my jam – but. My nan loves television and Project Runway is a show I always watched with her, I love to see the amazing (and really not amazing) designs come into existence and the sassy-ness is just hilarious, plus I love Tim Gunn.

My boyfriend and I, Alex, watched Season 1 of this show and loved it, we’re really late to Season 2 as we wanted to watch Jessica Jones Season 2 first. We’re early on but not thrilled, but it’s still not as bad as Iron Fist.

I’m Listening to …

Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)


I’ve got tickets to see Hamilton in November and I just cannot get the soundtrack out of my head, it’s like each time an obsession with one song passes, I discover a new found love and appreciation for another, my current one is Wait For It.

I’m Working On …

My Associate RICS Submission


A lot. Work is crazy at the moment but my main priority is refining and finishing my submission for Associate RICS status. I haven’t really discussed it on here but I’m not reading I working as an Apprentice Building Surveyor and this is the first level of competency I can achieve on my way to getting Chartered. Passing this is an entry requirement for my university degree course which is kind of crucial to keeping my job so, this is important and I’m nervous as hell.

I’m Going to …

Manchester Comic-Con


I messed up big time with this one. We’re still going but between everything that’s going on, we aren’t dressing up. This makes me kinda sad, but it is our first ever Comic-Con and we’re so broke a decent costume is kind of out of the question. Full geeky-regalia it is then. We’re still so excited and want to dress up next year when we know what it’s about more.

What are you guys up to these days? Busy busy busy? Do you like the post? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!