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ARC August 2018 #1 – Participation Announcement

Hello everyone!

So, as if I didn’t really have enough going on as it is I’ve also decided to take part in this year’s ARC August hosted by the lovely ladies over at Read. Sleep. Repeat. and I’m really looking forward to it!

I had the first week of August booked off as a reading holiday anyways so hopefully, I can get a strong start in. I’ve never taken part in this before but I’m quite excited, it will hold my first readathon and, what I’m most looking forward to, another bookish bingo card!

This will mean in addition to the challenges set for ARC August, I will also be taking part in that month’s Reading Rivalry challenges, the State of the ARC bingo card as well as my own personal goal to be Overdue ARC Free by 2019 (hey, I heard that sarcastic laugh, it’s possible). I know others have far more challenges going on but this is the most challenges I’ve taken on in one go, luckily they all coordinate quite well.

Since Reading Rivalry won’t announce their criteria for a couple of weeks yet, I’m just going to put a pretty wall of doom collage of the ARCs I have on my pile to be read and reviewed, both overdue and upcoming. When I know what they are I’ll try to fit them to as many criteria as possible.

Wish me luck! Are you participating in ARC August too? Let me know in the comments!

25 thoughts on “ARC August 2018 #1 – Participation Announcement

  1. I have The Tiger At Midnight and 7 Deaths, too! Are you on Edelweiss? Cuz that’s where I got mine. Also, you have THE GOBLINS OF BELLWATER?? Lucky girl!!
    The challenge looks fun! I just can’t read much within two days 😛 Good luck to you!

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    • I’ve had that one so long it’s not even funny 😂 yes I am on Edelweiss but I think I got 7 deaths from NetGalley, the challenge lasts the whole month they just house 2 24 hour readathons during it


      • Lolll xD Funny thing abt 7 Deaths, they approved me on both platforms 😂 Don’t know if different ppl were in charge of approving or they just forgot I already got one.

        Ohh, but I saw another blogger I know(Pauliina) do it and it sounds intense! Not suitable for me but I’m curious how you’d do!

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        • I try to get approved on both platforms, 1 book to read but double the credit with ARC distributors when you submit to both, win win. I’m pretty sure they have different people running it though, as I was denied for Furyborn on NG but approved on Edelweiss.


    • Yeah, I’m obviously not going to make a dent in that pile, I just haven’t narrowed down my TBR until all the criteria is released since I want to read all of them, it makes picking easier that way.


  2. oh wow sounds like you have a busy month ahead! I’m doing Booktubeathon and that’s it. I love the idea of having a reading holiday. I feel I need to find time for one of those myself.

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