Jupiter Jet by jason inman and ashley victoria robinson Comic Book Review

Jupiter Jet Vol. 1 by Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson – Comic Book Review

Inman, J & Robinson, A. V - Jupiter Jet Vol. 1

Minor spoilers ahead.


Jupiter Jet is an all-new, original character and world so of course, I have no previous reading experiences with her, but then again neither has anyone else. I do need to state, however, that I happen to be a huge fan of the two writers on this book.

Just in case you didn’t know, Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson are, amongst other things the hosts of my favourite podcast, Geek History Lesson, and some of the very few internet personalities I follow and that is how I heard about Jupiter Jet. I have never read anything written by the two of them before (that I know of?) but they’re one of my most reliable sources of reading and geeky content recommendations and if they do recommend it, it’s like sticking a big fat seal of approval on the top of whatever it is and I always love it.

Though I have, as always, actively tried to produce a balanced and fair review, I felt obliged to state this quite significant slight bias on my part – sorry, not sorry.

It’s also worth mentioning that due to my limited previous reading in this genre if you think I’m being too harsh or too generous with my assessment of writing or art, it’s probably due to my limited frame of reference and there isn’t a lot I can do about that.

Writing Quality – 9/10

I loved the writing! There was a nice amount of dialogue, it made me laugh and the Olympic Heights dialect was fun and consistent throughout. I like the story itself too, full of action and adventure and it was well paced over the 5 issues with some nail-biting cliff-hangers that made me grateful I had waited for the trade paperback and didn’t have to wait for the next one to come out!

Image/Illustration Quality – 9/10

The art in this is fun and captures retro/aviation/sci-fi/slightly-steampunk-victorian-inventor-y aesthetic in this really intangible but prevalent way that makes Olympic Heights feel like a real and separate place. The characterisation is really great too, especially Jacky and I like her costume (and how easy it will be to cosplay!). There is also this really amazing double page space landscape spread towards the end that I want on my wall. Like, so much.

Character Development – 9/10

Jacky and Chuck’s relationship and development throughout the book feels so real and, to me, so relatable. Without going into too much detail, my little brother and I didn’t have it that easy growing up and a lot of the time it really did feel like us against the world and all its bad guys and everything – from Jacky and Chuck’s financial troubles and struggling to get by to their partnership through to the scene where they argue over the Flying Girl’s future – hit me right in the feels. Chuck even looks like my brother did at that age!

Favourite Moments

  • I mentioned the double page space landscape before but it’s awesome enough for a second mention
  • The Scientific Method with Chuck Johnson
  • “Stay back! I got a cat!” – and pretty much all Puddles related dialogue
  • Just Chuck in general
  • Imagining the parachute dress roulette Jacky experiences every morning


  • No page numbers! – this is something of a non-issue for most people, but I like page number to track my progress.
  • I wish we’d had a smidge more bad guy coverage because I like to understand a bit more about my villains but again, it wasn’t a huge deal and the story didn’t suffer for it so.

Overall – 9/10

Overall, a fun, action-filled, sci-fi adventure that I can’t wait to start recommending and buying for readers of all ages – especially my baby brother (he’s 3) as soon as he is old enough! Bring on volume 2!

Creator’s Thoughts

As mentioned previously, Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson are the duo behind Geek History Lesson, The Red Shirt Diaries, and numerous other awesome content online. They are also married (which took me so long to figure/find out but couple goals, right?!) and after talking about and enjoying comics for so long themselves, Jupiter Jet, is literally a dream come true for them. Some quotes from them talking about their high-flying hero are:

CC: What was the most important aspect of the story for you to include/tell? What do you hope that readers get out of Jupiter Jet?

AVR: The grieving process. Jacky and Chuck are orphans who recently lost their father. I lost my father at the same age Jacky did and although that aspect of her character isn’t at the forefront it was important for me that we illustrated what that was like because mental health issues like that can be tough to address.

JI: The idea of Jacky’s family was very important to me. I really wanted the relationship between Jacky and her brother, Chuck, to be real. By grounding her with her brother, it allowed us to go crazy with some of the more fantastical elements that Jupiter Jet comes across.

My hope is that readers will smile while reading Jupiter Jet. If you crack a smirk as Jacky flies high into the sky, then I think we accomplished our mission.”

Comicocity Interview, December 2017


“Jacky is going to through a journey like we all do when we are teenagers. Our eyes are opened wide. We think we know everything about the world and slowly we come to realize how wrong we are. Jacky is going to experience that as well, but her revelations are the weirder and darker things in here world. So she has to learn how to deal with the fact that everything she knows is wrong. And will she stand up to it and become the hero? Or will she give up and let someone else take up the mantle?”

Shoot the Breeze Comics Interview, December 2017

If you’d like to hear more on them you can find them on YouTube, Ashley’s Twitter and Jason’s Twitter and at Geek History Lesson, which everyone should listen to.

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