State of the ARC #2

The State of the ARC meme was created by Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks.

So, it’s my second month and last month I didn’t do so good so I really worked hard to try and turn it around so … how did I do?

Current Stats…

may 2018 graph

May 2018

So this month has been so unbelievably busy … but I managed to read 7 ARCs (and submit reviews for only 6 but shhhh…)! Like … what? That’s pretty darn good for me, and I’ve really been so so busy I can’t even describe it all between assignment deadlines, a careers showcase, so much work-work (you know, the stuff I get paid to do not just what I make myself), plus we moved into our house, it’s just been crazy.

But yeah! I mean, I also requested more books that many books too and my days before/after release date went up and my feedback ratio isn’t rising but … baby steps … baby steps.

Bloodthirsty Beasts I’ve Tamed…

Six! Oh, yeah! Celebration dance! This is such a good month for me (plus I read 3 books that weren’t even ARCs!). The beasts I tamed were (click on them to see my reviews):

In Next Month’s Crosshairs…

I didn’t get through all the books I wanted to so I’ll add them to next month’s list, by my next State of the ARC I want (/need) to have read … (prepare to fall about laughing) …


This is most definitely optimistic but meh, I’ve got a much less busy month ahead (hopefully) so, who knows?

Any words of encouragement would be muchly appreciated! Anyone else got any of these on their TBR and want to Buddy Read? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!