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The Sarah J. Maas Word Drinking Game – Top Ten Tuesday #8

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl at the start of this year.

So I feel like I may not be the only person who uses this one but it was the only one that really jumped into my mind! I love the Maas books I’ve read so far, I really do, but there are words she uses like … a lot and that’s exactly the sort of thing that stands out to me in a book.

How much is a lot? Well, it varies, if it’s a verb then you have more wiggle room for repetition, depending on how long your book is. But when it’s a phrase or metaphor or a significantly conspicuous word, it stands out more with every repetition. For example: in Primary school, I discovered the Thesaurus (it was really me, yes, a child discovered the Thesaurus for the very first time in 2007) and learned the word ‘verdant’ and proceeded to use it as a replacement for the word green in every piece of school work I wrote until my teacher told me to stop – that’s too much. In Ready Player One, one of my only complaints about the whole book was that he uses the phrase ‘get the hell out of Dodge’, not 1, 2 or 3 but times in a 300-page book. Too much.

Now I will warn you if you love Maas and have not noticed this yet – read no further! It will become so obvious to you once pointed out and potentially distract you whenever you’re reading a book by her for the rest of your life! You have been warned!

On with the list…


10. purred / growled / snarled

As mentioned I get there are limited to the number of speaking verbs but I don’t see why it always has to be so very animalistic, Fae are people too.

9. prick

I hear Rhys is one?

8. male/female/mate

Again, I understand these are the Fae preferred pronouns but some variation would be nice.

7. rutting / cursed

Just use swear-words please, considering the amount of sex in these books I don’t think children will be reading them (or at least they shouldn’t) and odds are those kids know more swear words than we do.

6. his throat bobbed / muscles feathered in his jaw

There are a few distinctive facial expressions that make recurring appearances that can mean any number of emotions depending on the situation but they stick out with certain characters (ahem, Chaol).

5. bared his/her teeth

Again with the animalistic – this kind of goes hand in hand with when ‘males’ are referred to as ‘territorial’ or ‘over-protective’ which pisses off the feminist in me than the reader but that’s a discussion for another time.

4. feline grin

I … just enough, please.

3. vulgar(/rude) gesture(s)

Just swear! It’s easy! You swore at him! Enough with the gestures!

2. sheathed

The less said about this, the better. I’m never going to be able to read about warriors putting their swords away in the same way again.

1. incarnate

This is the word that brought all this into realisation. Death incarnate. Revenge incarnate. Beauty incarnate. I’m bored-of-the-word-incarnate incarnate. Sometimes she’s death Triumphant I guess.


I apologise if these aren’t all word perfect but I literally did it from memory and I haven’t read any Maas in a while (waiting for Kingdom of Ash to come out) – this is the quickest TTT I’ve ever written.

Again, I’m really not picking on Maas, I do love her and I tease those I love and I know I’m not alone in these observations – there was a post in The Owlcrate Society Facebook Group solely dedicated to listing all these phrases and words for the purpose of a drinking game but the idea was given up when we realised we’d all be absolutely sloshed after a few chapters.

Are there any I missed? Any that you already noticed? Have I just ruined Maas as a writer for you? Let me know! Hope you enjoyed the post, I was short on ideas for this one so comment the links to your post!

Until next time!

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  1. Hahahaha, this list is perfect! I’m currently reading Empire of Storms and I feel like I see all these at least once per chapter. The one that sticks out the most to me is definitley vulgar gesture, she must be really please with that phrase – cause she sure uses it a lot.

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