Wicked at the Birmingham Hippodrome

So last weekend, my Nanna and made the train journey into the metropolis that is Birmingham city centre (which in comparison to our city, it is) to see Wicked at the Birmingham Hippodrome.

We decided to make a day of it, this is us at San Carlo’s, a delicious Italian restaurant chain that has an undeniably family-run feel:


(Amazing photography skills from me there, I know.)

Now, I have wanted to see Wicked ever since I discovered the 2003 Original Cast Recording’s album on a music app called Deezer when I was 12. I know every song by heart and I have read the book by Gregory Maguire and spoilers on the plot because I wanted to make sense of the music. When the tickets for this tour went on sale over a year ago and I was finally in a position to not only afford them but go – I didn’t even think, I just bought two without a clear idea of who I’d convince to come with me.

It was exactly as brilliant as I’d always imagined it would be and a surprisingly emotional experience. I didn’t care the tickets I’d barely been able to afford at the time were right at the back of the stalls so the balcony obscured some of my view. I didn’t care the guy next to me seemed more interested in the lights and sound guys stationed behind and beside us than the brilliance that was unfolding on stage. I didn’t care the theatre air con appeared to have broken causing the warmth of a sold out theatre to bring the temperature to something just north of 30°C.

The actors were unmistakably British unlike their original portrayals of the very American Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel but it was still amazing and I wanted to sit down and see it again immediately afterwards. If you haven’t seen this show before and you have ever seen a minute of the Wizard of Oz, you must see this too.

I loved every minute and can’t wait to start checking off other shows from my Theatre bucket list!

This is only a short one folks, as I don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said before on the topic.

Until next time!